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How to Organize Your Child’s Closet

Organizing your child’s closet is a great opportunity to teach him/her the value of a tidy and efficient space. It does not have to be an overwhelming task. You can make it fun by allowing him/her to pick out bins, baskets, and organizers to give the closet a personal touch. Working together with your child you can edit his/her belongings and create a place for everything. 1. Take Everything Out of the Closet The first step is to create a blank slate. You should start by taking everything out of your child’s closet. This will allow you to see exactly…

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Put Your Best Foot Forward: Organizing Shoes

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Organizing shoes begins with one fundamental question. Where do you kick on and off your shoes?  The solutions are as varied as the answers. Here are a few places we find shoes landing and a few places where they are stored. Mudrooms and Foyers The biggest obstacle and complaint in entryways is that shoes pile up and clog up this small area in the home. You go in and out all day and shoes tend to land, multiply and quickly fill up in this high traffic space.  The only solution to this chaos is keeping only two to three pairs…

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Give Your Master Closet A Makeover

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Our closets best serve us when they are organized, practical and functional, but some of us would like this space to look like a magazine cover or Pinterest Pin. We want to walk into a beautiful closet that inspires us. Here are some tricks and tips to achieve this new and improved closet. Aim to implement the ideas that matter to you! A Clean Slate To begin with a blank canvas, empty the closet of all the contents and sort and purge unwanted items, toss, donation, and trash. With the space clear you now have a good opportunity to throw…

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Organizing His Closet

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10 Tips for His Closet To all you men out there that find value in an organized closet, this blog is for you! And to all, you women out there who love your man and want to help him improve his side of the closet, listen up! Most men’s closets and clothes are straight forward but it isn’t always true that they have less than women.  I see an equal share of very full closets.  When I work with male clients and even at home with my husband, I pull everything out of the closet and drawers and simply ask…

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Record Retention

How long should I keep my paper? Hopefully, by now, you are starting to shift towards paperless bills, automatic bill payments, and e-statements. If you haven’t tackled one of those yet, I’d encourage you to make it a priority. It saves you a lot of time, you will never be late on a payment and you can always view the statement when it comes in the mail or via email so you stay in touch with your spending. If you are still collecting papers and your files are outdated, I’d like to suggest a few of the following tips for…

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Organizing Emails

Best practices to avoid a full Inbox . How to keep emails at bay. Don’t print emails. It wastes paper and adds clutter to your desk. Instead either put the information onto your calendar or create folders in your email inbox to drag emails into them. Create helpful, relevant folders to file emails if you need to save an email. Don’t go crazy with fifty folders. Keep it to a maximum of 10-15 folders. Look at each email once and then act and decide. The longer you sit on something the longer it lingers as clutter and indecision. If too…

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Letting Go of Memorabilia

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Whether you’re letting go of stuff, clutter, a negative thought, person, or dream, letting go is not easy. For some of us, pitching our old records or childhood doll is easy. For others, dismissing a thought or goal is easy. Keepsakes can be a challenge because they trigger fond memories from the past; that’s why we hang onto them. So how does someone let go? There’s not a simple clear cut answer but there are things we need to consider. What makes it possible, and what are things we can do or believe that will make the task ahead of…

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Mail Systems

The amount of mail today should be less and less. We have so many online options that give us the power to stop the mail from arriving, cluttering up our tabletop and wasting our time opening it up. To start, go paperless as much as you can, and to figure out which places you need to switch over, start with your current pile of mail. In the current piles, you will find lots of places you should log into and choose e-delivery. You will have to create usernames and passwords on each website but in the end, it will be…

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10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Organizer instead of Using a Friend

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After organizing sessions, I often hear the following… “This was so much better than having a friend help me. We would have never gotten this much done! You were worth every penny, Amber.” “This project would have taken me double maybe even triple the amount of time this took us to organize.” “I never would have finished Amber. I would have given up.” Wouldn’t you agree that you get a better workout with your trainer than working out alone? It’s not much different when we organize. There’s a big difference between organizing with a professional versus on your own or…

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Storage Solutions and Organization for Any Space

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A common misconception around the idea of space in our homes is that if we had more space and a bigger home we would have no problems with clutter. Having organized homes over sixteen years, I would argue that a bigger home is not the solution to your space problem. The solution is how you use your space and how much stuff you store. People routinely ask me to help them find space and to give them more space. During our organizing sessions, I assess the type of furniture present, the closet systems inside every closet, and the overall free…

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