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Clutter that Kills A Calm Night’s Sleep

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We all know that sleep and our health are intimately related. For most of us, we also know that we can benefit from improving the quality of our sleep. We may follow the advice in articles about sleep that suggest reducing screen time and eating before bed. Some of us may even use one of the popular relaxation apps on the market to help us sleep. I would like to suggest that there is another culprit that can rob us of our Zzzz’s. Watch out for this bedroom clutter that can really kill the calm in your bedroom. Paper Never,…

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Five Organizing Solutions for Jewelry

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Adding jewelry to an outfit can bring it together and make you look and feel great. Don’t neglect to organize your jewelry. It will pay off when you’re headed out to an event and you will smile when you can grab the perfect necklace or set of earrings to complement it. The first step to organize your jewelry is to pull out all the jewelry boxes and bags that hold your jewelry. I often find it dispersed and saved in many places, pockets, old cardboard boxes, and just regular jewelry boxes. Next, choose a flat service to sort and match up…

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How to Organize a Purse

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Let’s talk Purse Organization. Two things always prove true: women love purses and women change out their purses often. How should you organize your purse? What are good practices to keep your purse organized?  There are two issues to address and discuss. The first is the mess left behind when you don’t empty your purse entirely while rotating or switching between purses. Soon your collection of purses is littered with leftover mints, coins, business cards and lip gloss from when you last used it. The second is keeping your purse tidy throughout the week. No one longs for embarrassment as…

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