Five Organizing Solutions for Jewelry

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Adding jewelry to an outfit can bring it together and make you look and feel great. Don’t neglect to organize your jewelry. It will pay off when you’re headed out to an event and you will smile when you can grab the perfect necklace or set of earrings to complement it.

The first step to organize your jewelry is to pull out all the jewelry boxes and bags that hold your jewelry. I often find it dispersed and saved in many places, pockets, old cardboard boxes, and just regular jewelry boxes. Next, choose a flat service to sort and match up pieces. I usually use the bed but any flat, clean surface will work. Then sort into like categories and gather what you are discarding into a Ziploc bag to donate or sell. Next show off your beautiful collection by choosing one of the organizing solutions below. As you read through each, which resounds most with you? Which excites you? Don’t feel obligated to use a box or system you’ve always used. Try something new.

  • A traditional jewelry box. This works well if you don’t wear a lot of jewelry and have a small collection.
  • Jewelry drawer trays. These trays fir right inside your top dresser drawers and can stack or sit side by side.  The advantage of this solution is being able to see all that you have at a glance. It also prevents tangles and you can store more than one piece of jewelry in the different compartments, so they hold more than you think. Measure your drawers first — the depth, height, and width. Then buy as many trays that will fit. The only downside to this solution is that you have to give up a drawer of clothes to hold jewelry.
  • Small hooks.  Hooks on the wall in your closet or next to your dresser work well if you have a lot of necklaces or bulky earrings. The necklaces are easily accessible and right next to your clothes to mix and match while getting dressed. And again, they won’t tangle hanging up. You’ll have to have a second solution somewhere else for small rings and earrings since you can’t hang these items.
  • Hanging jewelry bag. This concept is the same as a shoe bag or sweater bag, but this time it’s for jewelry hanging right inside your closet. Usually, the jewelry pockets are clear so you can see right inside the pockets to fish jewelry you’d like to wear.
  • Jewelry trees.  Dress up your bedroom a bit with a jewelry tree. Each comes in a different size, variety, and look so you can decorate your room and display your jewelry at the same time.
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