Project Photos

Everyone loves to see before and after photos. It inspires us and brings relief that we all strive to be more organized. Organizing and purging out the old doesn’t always come naturally or easily for some. We hope you don’t judge the before photos but get excited and proud to see the after photos. All of these clients worked hard and committed to giving their all to accomplish these projects.

Bedroom Closets

Organizing your closet is a great place to start to avoid getting overwhelmed. Sort through every last piece of clothing and leave no drawer, shelf or hanger untouched.

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Basements takes a lot of work but the pay off is huge – you gain a lot more living and storage space! Don’t let your basement become a dumping ground or useless space.

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Bedrooms & Living Spaces

No more piles, chaos and restless nights. These bedrooms and living rooms are organized!

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Organizing garages is one of Amber’s favorites – you’re outside in the fresh air and normally can spread out to sort because you have more room to move around. Clean out the garage once a year and it will never get out of control.

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Home Offices

Paper piles, old files, unopened mail – most clients are challenged by these – we love organizing offices! Go paperless and pay bills electronically. It’s super easy!

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Toys & Toy Rooms

Model to your kids the importance of organizing and purging toys. It’s never too late to teach them and ask their opinion on a few items. Don’t overwhelm them by tacking the whole toy room together.

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Kitchens & Pantries

Organizing your kitchen cabinets and pantries maximizes your space so that you make meals quickly and reduce your chance of overbuying items you already have in stock.

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Tool Rooms

Hammers, drills, wood, screws – yes, they can and should be organized so when you’re in the middle of a project or something around the house breaks unexpectedly, you can retrieve the tool fast.

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Linen Closets

Find what you need fast, clearly labeled shelves and bins are a must. Sort item into categories and toss expired products and products you never use anymore.

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Entryway Closets

Hats, mittens, scarves, umbrellas will all fit and be accessible. Don’t overlook this area especially if you live in the Midwest. It is a high traffic area in your home and you’ll be in it and using it daily.

View Entryway Closet Project

Do you like to take before and after photos when you tackle areas of your home? We’d love to see your hard work and encourage you for accomplishing an organizing task. Please email us your photos at amber at, text them to Amber at 708-925-7574 or message us on Facebook. We won’t mention names but can recognize your efforts!

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