11 Simple Organizing Products Found Right at Home!

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Creative organizing products for everyday use can be found right at home. Here is a list of common household items I find in clients’ homes to help us contain and organize, while saving them a little money.

Ziploc Bags

Sort out loose stationary, store rewards cards, seasoning packets, crafting items, anything small. I always keep gallon, quart, and sandwich sizes in my kitchen cabinets at home. The best part, is some brands have space where you can write a label!

Shoe boxes

Great for organizing just about anything. Only con, they are not see-through. So remember to label on the front side. Use them in linen closets, clothes closets, and on shelves/cabinets in the office.


These are versatile. Use them to hang up accessories in the closet: necklaces, scarves, light belts, etc. In addition, use nails in the garage to hang a garden rake or hand spade. You don’t always need the fancy garage systems if you have a few, simple, light things to hang up.


I use Tupperware most often in kitchen drawers or office drawers. For a quick solution, use the small, shallow tubs of Tupperware to organize the junk drawer. The oversized, jumbo ones can hold all the lids, cookie cutters, or cake decorating items.

Rubber Bands

Instead of cord tie organizers, try Rubber Bands. They hold together your computer cords or phone charger cords just as well as official cord tie organizers.

Coffee Mug

A mug is the easiest solution to collecting change on the top of a dresser or laundry room. They are also handy to hold loose pens and pencils on top of a desk.

Soda Boxes

Lay canned food in the pantry on their sides and keep them organized in an empty soda box. If you cut an opening in the back of the box older cans will rotate to the front. If aesthetics are important to the customer the boxes can be covered with decorative paper and remember to label!

Baby Food Jars

These tiny containers are great in the office for push pins, paper clips and other petite office supplies. They can also help out in the garage to house nails, screws, and other small fasteners.

Amazon.com boxes

Use the small sizes inside drawers to separate out underwear, socks and bras or in the kids craft section for craft supplies.

Tissue Box

These work wonderfully for storing plastic bags for reuse.

Magazine Holders

If you have switched to online magazine subscriptions and have some old magazine holders sitting around empty, use your imagination and repurpose them for storing foil, plastic wrap, wax paper, water bottles, and flat/curling irons.

Remember, an organized space does not have to cost a fortune or look like it could appear in a magazine. Use your imagination and make sure that your organizational systems and products fit your needs, lifestyle, and budget. Have fun organizing!

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