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Financial Organizing

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Organizing closets and kitchens might seem reasonable and normal but what about our finances? Do we track what we spend and are aware of the money going in and out of our checking accounts? Most people would like to be better informed on their finances and would like to “budget” but for some, it’s a daunting task and a stressful task. Where does one start?  I like to think that knowledge equals freedom. If you know how much money is coming in and where your money is going, then you can make informed decisions to know what you can afford…

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How Bank Accounts and Credit Cards Can Keep You Financially Organized

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The mediums that help us spend our money can add much organization to our financial world. The ability to track what we spend, see what we’ve spent, and rely on that information to be correct is very valuable and useful. I rarely carry cash and never use cash in my day to day spending. When you and I spend money with bills and coins, there is no way to track what we’ve spent unless we write it down. I don’t know about you but I have better things to do than to write down on a notebook that I buy…

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