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Cardboard Boxes: A Storage Nightmare

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Older Chicago attics and basements are notorious for storing dusty cardboard boxes. We often come across clients storing items in them leftover from previous moves or memorabilia passed between family members. Grandma’s china or tea set has been in the same box for forty years. Here are seven reasons why you should avoid cardboard boxes for storage, altogether. You cannot see what is inside at first glance. The easiest way to identify a container’s contents is to use clear containers. This saves a ton of time when you are looking for something. Also, although I always suggest labeling bins, sometimes…

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Storage Solutions and Organization for Any Space

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A common misconception around the idea of space in our homes is that if we had more space and a bigger home we would have no problems with clutter. Having organized homes over sixteen years, I would argue that a bigger home is not the solution to your space problem. The solution is how you use your space and how much stuff you store. People routinely ask me to help them find space and to give them more space. During our organizing sessions, I assess the type of furniture present, the closet systems inside every closet, and the overall free…

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