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Clearing Kitchen Countertops

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Keeping your countertops clutter free! Kitchens that integrate or overlook the family room are prone to be a dumping ground and fill up with clutter. It’s common for mail, keys, fruit, shopping bags, and miscellaneous stuff to fill countertops and kitchen tables. A kitchen is the main hub for most families and will always tend to collect clutter quickly. How can we prevent it from becoming a mess and being catch all area? We can stay on top of this space by having a plan and system that’s easy to maintain. These organizing tips will steer you in the right…

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Organizing the Kitchen

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Overstuffed Cabinets & Drawers? Here’s the Solution. Why does everything end up on our kitchen counter tops? I’ve seen the strangest things land on people counter tops- toothbrushes, toys, underwear, and even tools. And not so strange things: food, fresh produce, paper, mail, keys, coupons, purses, sun block, sunglasses, CDs, money, checkbooks, etc. There’s something about the kitchen – everyone congregates there. Many people hang out and talk in the kitchen. It must be the food that attracts people. I have friends who keep a couch in their kitchen. That makes sense. Why not have comfortable pieces of furniture where…

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