Organizing His Closet

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10 Tips for His Closet

To all you men out there that find value in an organized closet, this blog is for you! And to all, you women out there who love your man and want to help him improve his side of the closet, listen up!

Most men’s closets and clothes are straight forward but it isn’t always true that they have less than women.  I see an equal share of very full closets.  When I work with male clients and even at home with my husband, I pull everything out of the closet and drawers and simply ask what he does not like or does not wear anymore. This purging is the first step, and women don’t do this for your guy.  Enlisting his help will give you great feedback and give you his perspective on things. After purging and editing the real work begins. Strategize and systemize clothes to his liking as listed below. Habits, daily routines, and hobbies are always considered when setting up a man’s closet.

  1. Categorize shirts by specific type and then by color within each category type. Sort dress shirts on a hanger into three categories; dress shirts, casual dress shirts with a collar (something you would wear on a date or to a party), and casual shirts without a collar. Don’t forget to hang polos as well!
  2. The position of clothing is important. Hang shirts above. Hang pants below on lower bars. Place shoes and sweaters on shelving. This mimics the layout of clothes dressed on a human body. Underwear, t-shirts, socks, and gym wear always get priority in drawers.
  3. Do not forget to color code as much as possible in your closet. By color-coding clothes, you will notice what colors you always buy and it may inspire you to try buying a different color next time.
  4. The t-shirt category always is the biggest for men. I decide how to organize them based on how many there are and the quality of each. T-shirts that can be worn to a summer party are hung, t-shirts worn while working on the car or in the yard are folded in a drawer, and the ratty t-shirts you would never wear outside the home are ditched.
  5. Fold gym shirts and shorts in a separate drawer so that you can grab and go. They should not be hung.
  6. Hang team jerseys so you can grab and go on game day.
  7. All pants (other than sweats & jeans) should be hung up on the low bars by color. Fold jeans, which stack nicely,  and sweatpants unless you are short on shelf space. I would not waste the hanging space on these.
  8. Fold and stack sweaters and sweatshirts by color. I typically hang sweaters with collars or cardigans.
  9. Suit and sport coats are best stored on wooden suit/coat hangers. If these are special event clothing items that are not worn often, consider storing them in a hanging garment bag.
  10. A recycling bin or trash in the closet is a must. Most men use a dry-cleaning service to help stay on top of laundry therefore the closet can become cluttered with dry cleaning paper, plastic, and hangers. Keeping the bin close helps to maintain a tidy closet.
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