Linen Closets

Sixteen Quick Linen Closet Tips

  1. Tuck sets of sheets into one pillowcase of that sheet set. It doesn’t look lovely but it keeps the set together.
  2. Ditch any product that is expired or any product you haven’t used in six months.
  3. Donate extra toiletries and sample travel soaps and lotions local homeless shelters. Another idea is if you’re a part of a women’s crafting group, Bible study, or kids’ playgroup offer the items you don’t use to other women or moms. Women love trying new products!
  4. Label all containers. If they won’t hold a sticky label create a label with a string to attach to baskets or fabric bins.
  5. Designate a separate container or bin for travel items. Next time you’re taking a weekend getaway or next time you come home with more samples from your trip, drop them in.
  6. Shed light on the subject. Add lighting to a dark linen closet or increase the wattage to the hallway light just outside the linen closet.
  7. Fold towels to fit the space, not to look pretty. Some towels will fit better square, other times rolled or rectangle.
  8. Keep two bath towels per family member and two sets of bed sheets total per family member. Have only one set for guests.
  9. Pack away old quilts and linens passed down from your grandmother that you never use and relocate them. There’s no point using up good space if you don’t reach for those things on a weekly basis.
  10. Use stacking drawers to organize small toiletry items instead of lidded bins. Unstacking bins and baskets takes too much effort when you’re needing to find and grab an item fast. Instead, slide open the labeled drawers and reach right in.
  11. Don’t know what to do with old towels and sheets? Don’t keep them all for rags. Most people have enough rags. Donate them to your local animal shelter.
  12. Get the medicine out of the kitchen and into the linen closet. Kitchen cabinet space is high priority. Instead, choose to keep vitamins in the kitchen instead. Those won’t be taken in the linen closet each morning if left there.
  13. If you have very deep shelves, don’t stuff shelves too full just because you have the space. Be smart about keeping things in the front and reachable. If things are lost way back in the dark corners of the closet, you’ll never use them.
  14. Store nail polish upright. This is just smart all around. Laying on its side gunk’s up the wand.
  15. Corral hair accessories into one area full of pony tail holders, bobby pins, and headbands. All women go through hair phases so when your short hair grows back out you’ll have these items you stashed away.
  16. Somehow hairbrushes, blow dryers and curling irons duplicate. One is never enough. Keep a limit on your collection of these and curlers. Sometimes we use these tools (like curlers)  so rarely it doesn’t make sense to keep all but one.
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