The garages you see above all need some dedicated organizing time and efforts. Garages are a bonus if you are lucky to have them. They can add so much great space and storage. Often homeowners don’t respect the garage space and use the garage as a dumping ground, much like basements. If used correctly you will be shocked how much you can fit and benefit from loads of space. Instead of thinking through organizing a garage in the traditional manner with the traditional organizing approach, I’m going to look at it from a visual and special view. Consider three areas in your garage. How are you using the wall space (vertical space)? How are you using the floor space (horizontal space)? How are you using the ceiling, rafters, and beams above your car?

The Garage Walls– A good wall system will be your best friend. Hang up rakes, shovels, bungee cords, post diggers, hand held lawn care equipment, cords, flags, poles, lights, umbrellas, upper cabinets, shelving, etc. The list is endless. Give your walls purpose with free floating hooks from a local hardware store or hire a garage company to install a wall system of hooks. Both work and both are valuable. Pick hanging spaces with purpose and intention as well. For example, if you exit your garage always on the left to work in your garden, hang gardening items on the left side. If you set up your patio equipment and décor on the right, consider positioning deck or patio décor on the right side.

The Garage Floor- What makes parking garages and parking lots function? Boundaries and lines are clearly drawn and enforced. What’s to say we can’t do the same in our personal garages? Get creative. Paint lines on your garage floor. Create your own parking space with a parking header or bumper. Hang something (like a tennis ball) from your beams that tells you right where to stop when it bumps into your windshield. In super small garages even opening passenger doors are tricky. So mark the sides of the garage even so you know how far you should pull in and where to stop.

The Garage Ceiling- Whether you have drywall, open beams, rafters, or an attic space up above your garage, take advantage of it. If everything fits without having to use the ceiling, that’s great! If you need the space or rather store things high that are occasionally used, create a solution and system for above your head. There are several garage companies from which you can enlist help or DIY systems you can install above in the space.

Dressing up the Garage-  This aspect of organizing a garage is often left out. Once the garage is clutter free and you have systems in place, decorate or dress up the garage. Wash walls. Sweep out leaves, grime and dirt. Power wash the floor. Coat the floors with a garage flooring product. Patch holes in drywall. Increase the lighting in the garage with higher wattage lightbulbs to bring more light into a typically dark space. Paint walls if they’re drywall or paneling.  Hang a sign or family name. Even simple holiday lights strung around the garage brings life to a drab space. Get creative and make the garage a place that welcomes you home when you pull into it after a long day.

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