Entryway Closets

Four Seasons of a Mudroom or Entryway

Whether you use the back door or front door, you need a good plan for all the stuff put on and taken off in this area. It is a high traffic area and so much processing of items leaving and going. So for starters, step back and recognize which entrance you and your family use most often. Obviously if you’re in a condo or apartment this is an easy answer. Next is to look at what is working and what is not working.  It could be that a long narrow hallway is throwing you off. There will be no room for anything in that type of space, so you will have to back up down the hallway and build your system before you enter the hallway. It could be that you walk right into a living room from your door and need to create an entryway in an existing room like a living room.  It could be that you have beautiful built in cabinets and a large mudroom, but it is always a complete mess.

Often places we use the most, tend to become the messiest. This is often true for kitchens and play rooms if we have little ones constantly playing with toys. It’s also true for mudrooms or entryways. They need attention more often than we think.

  • Consider cleaning out the mudroom or entry way once a season. I’m hoping that’s on average four times a year. Rotate coats. Get rid of missing mittens. Toss old sunscreen and bug spray. Sweep or vacuum out corners and cubbies.
  • Also take a step back and consider the structure or use of space. How are you using walls, floor space, and shelving or cabinetry? Often we assume a bench or chair is necessary but is it really being used by family members to sit? Usually they become a great place to dump and set things. If you’re okay with a pile on the bench, then leave it. If you rather use a bench for sitting, make necessary changes.
  • Create any area for the dog if leashes, toys, and jackets get lost. Keep only the essentials at arm’s reach and keep the back log of items somewhere else.
  • Shoes and boots naturally will accumulate near any door. Think through where shoes will be stored for you and your family. Will all your shoes fit near the door or do some have to go into bedrooms and other closets? What is a reasonable amount of shoes near the door? I recommend one to two pairs of shoes near the door that each family member wears most often and that are in season. The rest belong in the clothes closet.  Again, this is only possible if maintained by taking excess shoes out of the entryway on a regular basis.
  • Finally, if you’re on the fence about investing money into a good entryway or mudroom system, I would say yes and yes and yes again. It will pay off and will help you and family members in this high traffic area. Even if you move, the next family or mom will love you for it. It will be a great selling feature!
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