Bedrooms & Living Spaces

Banish Bedroom Clutter

When you enter your bedroom, how does it make you feel? What does it look like? What thoughts run through your head with first impressions? If haven, rest, peaceful, simple, clean, neat describe your bedroom you are off to a good start. I’m glad you’re benefiting from a restful environment.  If dumping ground, cluttered, congested, disorganized and collector of all things run through your mind then we should address the problem. Bedrooms are very private and very off limits to guests, so often they are our last priority when keeping spaces organized. If no one will see they, why should it matter?  Actually, they should be just as important as the kitchen or office because in order to unwind, sleep, or be romantic you want an environment to support those things.

So consider these strategies and quick tips:

Your bedroom is not a storage room. If you’re storing keepsakes, luggage, piles of books, projects, pictures and frames to hang up, it’s time to move them out. Store nothing in your bedroom unless you are reaching for it on a weekly basis. Clothes, jewelry, shoes, one book on your bedside and bedding are used weekly. The rest has to go. Simplify.

Hobbies don’t belong in the bedroom. Sewing, crafting, and gift wrapping need to be relocated somewhere else. For men, a magazine collection, books, or sports equipment count just as much. Stack note of what each of you are bringing into the bedroom and work together on eliminating enough to make an impact.

Leave your office, work, desk, and computer outside the bedroom.I cringe every time I see a client make their bedroom double for an office. It’s so wrong. Flip the thought process. Would you want to go sleep at work in your office? Nope. So if you’re putting your work and office into the bedroom at home, there’s no difference. Draw boundaries and seek another place in the house to double as an office. Anything is better than in a bedroom.

Make your bedroom a kid free zone. Kids want to be wherever mommy and daddy are until they are about eight, nine or ten years old. Then they are off interested in their own things. During those first eight years or so their clothes, diapers, books, toys, and stuffed animals are dragged into our rooms and if we aren’t good about getting it put back into their rooms, all of it accumulates. Do your best to dress them and bath them in their own space. This will help to keep their stuff out of the way of your stuff. Once a week, sweep through your room returning books and toys into their space.

Get unwanted items returned.  An accumulation of shopping bags are notorious to lie around on bedroom floors and closets. Decide what you’re going to keep and within the week get it shipped back or into the car to be run back to the store. Don’t delay or procrastinate with returns. It takes up more space and wastes more money than you think.

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