Bedroom Closets

Food for Thought:

“Go clean your room”
“Pick up your bedroom”
“I want to be able to see your floor when I come in to check”

Sometimes we as adults need to hear those orders. We are guilty of letting things pile up, dumping on the floor or never putting our clean laundry away. Adults often get dressed every morning out of the laundry room or the laundry basket. Does that ring true for you?

Let’s start with the biggest obstacle: time! Hats off to you, if you’re getting the laundry done. Several people struggle with that task alone. The extra step of putting it all away should take just a few extra minutes now. Give yourself a deadline such as by the end of the weekend or before you climb into bed. Waking up to an organized bedroom and clutter free floor does wonders. If your struggle is folding clothes, get the clothes into the common area of the home where you spend most of your time. Fold as you watch TV, talk on the phone, or supervise your kids while they’re doing homework. Multitask because folding needs little concentration.

Now for the clothes: the reason why clothes don’t get put away and end up on the floor is often because of two reasons. The first reason is your drawers and closets are probably too full so you can’t fit the clean folded laundry inside. Instead of cleaning out the drawers and closets, it’s easier to live with piles on the floor or get dressed out of the laundry basket. You guessed it. It’s time to purge. If you haven’t worn the article of clothing during the last appropriate season you won’t wear it the following season. Donate it. Don’t forget purses and shoes; purging just clothes won’t give you complete affect if you’re not thorough. The second reason is because often closets are not efficient and non- functioning. The structure and layout of a client is important to keep up a clothes system. If you’re looking to upgrade consider going here. I can design your closet for you and they’ll install it.

Add organizing products that will really work for your personality. If you need to see your jewelry and scarves, hang them up on a wall inside your closet. Don’t stuff them or stack them away in a drawer or jewelry box. If you tend to wear dresses most days, hang those front and center instead of in the back. Fold jeans and corduroys and bulky sweaters. Workout wear and pajamas will tend to fall over if stacked. Always opt for a drawer with those categories. Invest in matching hangers and matching containers. I like open baskets in closets so you can retrieve things easily and put clean clothes away faster.

Finally, if you’re an empty nester and are spreading out into your kids closets, that is not okay. Just moving clothes into other free closets in the house, isn’t the solution. This doesn’t force you to decide, donate, and live within boundaries. Extra closets and space are not always guaranteed and once you get used to five closets it’s even harder to go down to one later at the end of life.

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