Organizing Baby’s Room

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10 Organization Tips for New Moms

Expecting a baby? Whether it’s your first child or fifth child, a baby changes everything. They are a huge blessing but also come with a lot of stuff. You can prepare and organize space around the home to make the transition smoother and easier. Finding room for all the baby gear and baby feeding items in the kitchen can be very overwhelming. Here are some practical tips to think through before the baby arrives.

  1. Hide rattles, blocks, board books, and other small baby toys in decorative lidded containers under the coffee table or the corner of the family room. This makes for easy clean up when you’re having company, a dinner party, or just want a calm space when the baby goes to bed. Swap out new content as your baby grows and needs change.
  2. Clear a shelf in the kitchen for formula, bottles, sippy cups, kid-size bowls, and plates.  A small basket or bowl would be helpful to collect all the small bottle pieces and medicine dispensers. Don’t forget to clear a little space in a drawer for a few bibs too.
  3. As soon as your little one starts growing, he or she will soon outgrow clothes and toys. It is important to set up a rotating system right away. Where will you put the clothes and toys your baby outgrows? Consider keeping the favorites for future younger siblings in lidded containers labeled by age or size and pass along the rest to friends or donation centers in plain clean garbage bags.
  4. Avoid holding clothes for friends or family that are getting pregnant or hoping to get pregnant. Pass along the stuff your kids have outgrown regularly. Space is precious so don’t feel guilty for not wanting to be a storage facility.
  5. Pick out a medium-size keepsake container or box to gather all their first mementos such as the hospital bracelet, first picture, the hat they wear home from the hospital, baptism paperwork, and all the congratulations cards from loved ones welcoming them into the world.
  6. Store baby clothes in drawers as much as possible. A few special outfits and dressy items can be hung but folding all other clothes into drawers will be a lot easier than hanging them up.
  7. Label drawers. Onesies can look like outfits or tops. To keep dad, mom, babysitter, and grandma all organized, label the inside of drawers with outfits, pajamas, pants, tops, onesies, socks/shoes, etc.
  8. Limit the blankets, bibs, blurb cloths, and bath towels. These always come in overabundance at baby showers. Pair down to a small amount.
  9. The entryway of your home will soon fill up. The diaper bag, car seat, and stroller often take up space in the front foyer, mudroom, or garage entryway. Plan by deciding where these will be stashed each day.
  10. Although it is easy to get diapers and wipes on auto-ship and are cheaper in bulk, I’d encourage you to pace out the shopping. I often see packages of diapers unused because the baby grew too quickly. Save your money and buy as you need.
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