Organizing the Linen Closet

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10 steps to organizing the linen closet or medicine cabinet

  • Empty all contents of the shelves onto the floor or flat surface- the floor, a bed or table.
  • Pitch anything expired- yes, check every bottle. You’ll be surprised how much stuff you’ll find.
  • Also toss any product you don’t like or use on a regular basis. Our preferences change over the years. The creams or scents you once used might not be your favorite anymore.
  • Group items into like categories. For categories, think of what aisles and sections you shop when you’re in Walgreens or Target. Common piles are first aid, nails, medicine, vitamins, teeth, travel size, etc.
  • Measure your shelves to find the right containers to fit. Then you can containerize items by their new category. I favor open plastic ventilated baskets or containers. That way if something spills you can wash out the baskets. Plastic containers are also easy to label, and leave lids off. You’re more likely to put things back in the right spot if you don’t have to unstack and remove a lid. Stackable drawers are also great for things like Band-Aids, cotton balls, hair ties and feminine care.
  • Keep heavy stuff low and place light stuff ,like toilet paper and Kleenex, high.
  • Label all the containers! This is a must! For linens, match up the sheet sets and towel sets before putting them back on the shelves.
  • Keep two to three sets of sheets per bed and figure on keeping two to three bath towels per family member. You don’t need more than that amount.
  • Label shelves or containers so you don’t have to review the sheets a second time for which is full, queen, or twin. Or stuff the sheet set into one of the pillow cases to keep the set together. If you don’t like linen piles toppling over, you shelf dividers found at your local home goods or organizing store. The dividers will hold up piles nice and neat.
  • Consider donating extra towels to animal shelters and extra sheets to homeless shelters.
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