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Amber Kostelny,
Certified Professional Organizer (CPO©)

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We are Oak Park’s professional organizers, leading the way in the home organizing industry. Amber works one on one with clients to customize their home and office organizing systems – seeing clients through the project, helping them tackle difficult spaces and ultimately creating comfortable and productive areas. We understand each person has different preferences; there is no one-size-fits-all. Your space needs to work for you. we make sure the organizing is practical for you and we don’t implement styles that won’t work for your needs.

Our professional organizers are more than just space-clearers. We are coaches who will keep you on task and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our goal is to inspire you to keep going and stay organized even after we leave and support you through the tough decision-making you may encounter along the way. Since 2004, Amber Kostelny has built Amber’s Organizing, LLC by delivering energy, efficiency, and same day results!

Decluttering and Other Home Organization Services

Decluttering Services Oak Park ILWhen you need our Oak Park decluttering services, home office organization, or a professional closet organizer for those unruly closet spaces, Amber and her team of professional home and office organizers are ready to help you manage your life and get it back on track.

We offer support for decision-making, facilitate actions around the removal of unwanted belongings, and set up systems, from shelving to labels, that help establish order and clarity. Our professional organizers will work with you to decide what you want to keep and to identify where unwanted items will go. We will also facilitate the disposal, donation, or sale of belongings that you may want to part with. The organizing results are custom, practical, and easy to maintain. We will walk you through the process until your project is completed, never leaving you with a mess or piles to finish.

Professional Home and Office Organizers

Home Organization Company Oak Park ILOur Oak Park home organization services involve mail and daily task management, filing systems, tax preparation, and the consolidating and organizing of memorabilia and photos. You don’t want just a personal organizer, but a certified professional organizer that knows what they are doing and how to manage important paperwork. Our home office organizers also have discretion in mind as they may be organizing your important personal information and documents.

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When you need someone to help you sort through family photos, documents, and other valuable things — or you need someone who will get to the root of why your disorganization or lack of productivity is happening in the first place, Amber’s Organizing can help.

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  • Home Organizing

    We sort, declutter and organize any part of your home by including you in the process to teach organizing skills, create effective systems and provide home organization solutions.

  • Home Office Organizing

    If you work from home or keep track of your family’s paperwork, you will benefit from our home office organization services. We tackle daily paperwork, mail, memorabilia, and filing systems.