Ten Quick Tips To Organize Your Home

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How to Conquer Your Clutter

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Typically piles on top of desks and dressers or nightstands are small insignificant items. Toss most of it and put away what is worth keeping.
  2. If you are having trouble getting rid of things, count up the number of items you have – 15 table cloths, 10 black sweaters, 4 can openers, and 6 glue guns. Then reduce the amount you have by one third or one half. This approach is logical and mathematical. Some people find it a lot easier to make decisions this way.
  3. Clean out your wallet or purse weekly of all miscellaneous receipts. Are you thinking you need to save a receipt to make a return? Do so within a month; if you haven’t done it by then you probably never will.
  4. Create a mail station for your mail. Include a recycle bin, shredder, and action folders or trays that will help you get tasks done, read, paid, and filed.
  5. At the beginning of each New Year, clean out your files. Store the supporting documents for your taxes with your tax return and shred unnecessary papers. Only keep paper that reflect permanent records for your family.
  6. Cancel magazine and catalog subscriptions if you aren’t reading them. They are taking up space and costing you money. Also, consider getting online subscriptions instead.
  7. Saving stuff for your next trip to Goodwill or garage sale? Designate one area of your home/garage to store it. Add to it as you pull out seasonal and holiday things all year long- including clothes, decorations, and Knick knacks.
  8. Label containers in storage areas and closets. Out of sight is out of mind. This will help you remember where everything this and what is inside.
  9. Think twice before saying “just put it in the basement”. Before you know it, your basement will look and feel like a landfill. If the item won’t be used on a regular basis or for holidays, take it out the back door instead- to recycle or donate.
  10. Every time you put away a new pair of shoes or a new piece of clothing, donate the same number of items you just put away.
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