Declutter Your Bathroom Inside & Out

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15 Clever Tips to Organizing Any Bathroom

  1. Only store items in the medicine cabinet that you use on a daily or weekly basis. By shifting excess elsewhere, that should leave you enough room for you what you use most often.
  2. Don’t buy a pedestal sink if you can help it. I know some bathrooms are just too small for any other type of sink. But if you can switch a more functional sink base, do so.
  3. A slim rolling cart works well in a tight narrow bathroom.
  4. How are you using the space underneath your sink? Try stacking drawers to create categories for yourself in each drawer- teeth, tampons & pads, shaving, nails, makeup, etc. Customize the drawers to the different categories you use.
  5. If the walls in your bathroom could fit a hanging cabinet or shelving system, consider adding this invaluable extra storage.
  6. Stick to the same product. Trust what you like or don’t like. If you like Revlon or Paul Mitchell, for example, don’t jump around trying other brands. Sometimes we second guess ourselves and our preferences. It’s okay to use the same product repeatedly. Create favorites and be loyal. There’s nothing wrong about not trying each new fad or product that comes out.
  7. Position items you use daily and weekly front and center. For example, if you don’t travel each week, don’t store travel size items in the bathroom. There’s no need to have that stuff close by.
  8. Label as much as you can. This is super important in a bathroom or linen closet where you’ll have lots of categories and lots of small items. It also helps you to find what you’re looking for instead of buying a duplicate.
  9. Tired of moving each perfume bottle or lotion out of the way to clean or dust? Display them on a tray. When it’s time to clean, just lift the tray.
  10. Hang necklaces and jewelry up. Consider storing jewelry inside your closet on a free wall or even on decorative hooks in your master bedroom.
  11. Separate family members’ hygiene products if you have teenagers or college kids. If they are willing to carry a tote or caddy back and forth to their room, this will help in small bathroom situations. If you’re blessed with a lot of cabinet space assign one drawer per kid.
  12. Be mindful of a product’s shelf life. Be selective and be smart. Old make-up isn’t safe to use on your skin but something like soap or tampons won’t have expiration dates. Anything with scent or perfume does turn. Take time to smell products if it helps you make decisions on whether to toss or keep.
  13. If you’re ready to pass on unused bottles or packages of toiletries, consider the women’s group you might be a part of such as a mom’s group, book club, or Bible study. Women usually love picking out an almost new product that they’d like to try.
  14. Avoid buying in bulk. Too often products expire faster than we can use them up and take up too much space in our bathrooms and linen closets.
  15. Get rid of bath and shower items you haven’t used in 6-12 months. Advertisers market to women well, enticing us to buy new beauty products each time we are in Ulta or Sephora. Then we get home and don’t like it when we use it or it doesn’t deliver what is promised.  High levels of guilt follow if we want to declutter and toss items. Next time you’re at the store, stick to your list of items you’re low on and need. Save the experimenting during only a few shopping trips.
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