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Take these Steps to Purge and Maximize Your Closet

I know you’ve heard it said before- you only wear twenty percent of the clothes in your closet. I hate to say it again, but it’s true. Time and time again I see people with jam packed closets and dresser drawers, but when it comes down to it, they have their two favorite pairs of jeans, the one or two pajamas they wear every night, and the same t-shirt that they work out in because it’s the most comfortable they own. Let’s not deny that it’s true. If you had to give it all up and only pack one suitcase full of clothes that you were allowed to keep, you could do it. Now, I’m not saying go throw out all your clothes; what I am saying is simplify your closets and dresser drawers. Be truly honest with yourself and let these be the questions you use to make your decisions while organizing your closet.

  • When was the last time I wore this?
  • Did I wear this last season?
  • Do I look fabulous in this?
  • Does it make me feel like a million bucks?
  • Is it super comfortable? Does it fit me perfectly?
  • Is this in style?
  • Is this faded or washed out?
  • Do I wear this once a week or at least every other week?
  • If I missed this, could I replace it and find something similar in the stores?
  • How many other clothing items I own look similar to this one?
  • Do these shoes make my feet hurt?
  • Are the heels too worn down?
  • Are these shoes too scuffed up?

To keep your clothes and closets organized ,try to go through your clothes twice a year. Gather all clothing too. I know some women spread out into their kids’s closets or into the basement or attic. So touch all your clothes twice a year and really take inventory as to what you’re wearing and what is just taking up space.

After simplifying you can offer your unwanted items to friends or family, or take them to the nearest charity, but another alternative is Dress for Success. They help women interview and land jobs, not only by educating them but giving them suits or business clothes that can help them along in their job search. Check out their site for more details and  location. You can also resell gently used or new items to places like Plato’s Closet or local consignment shops. Most consignment shops have minimums and are strict with only taking in season items so check before you go.

Besides downsizing and simplifying, the right organizational products make a huge difference while organizing closets. I really believe that there are two places in your home where it helps to spend a little extra money on great organizing products. Those spaces are your kitchen cabinets and your closets. So this list covers the basics.

  • If you have empty space below your clothes and need extra hanging room use a double hang rod. This works great for petite or shorter people.
  • Over the door pocket shoe organizers or robe hooks are great way to use vertical space on the closet door.
  • Easily match up your jewelry with the perfect outfit by hanging necklaces and bracelets right inside your closet on the wall. Install simple decorative hooks found at your local hardware store or Target.
  • Containerize fancy purses or wraps and off season accessories, placing them on high shelves in your closet.
  • If you have more closet space then dresser space, hanging sweater bags will do the trick. They are cloth pockets that hang from the pole. You can not only use these for sweaters but work out clothes or pajamas. Anything lightweight.
  • Designate a spot for dry cleaning and mending. A separate basket or hamper is all it takes.
  • Buy different colored hangers for family members if spouses or kids share closets. That makes it easy to identify whose clothes are whose.
  • Finally, uniform hangers really do make your closet feel clean and organized. Do away with the dry cleaner, wire hangers and spruce up your closet. My favorite hangers save a ton space!

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