10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Organizer instead of Using a Friend

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After organizing sessions, I often hear the following…

“This was so much better than having a friend help me. We would have never gotten this much done! You were worth every penny, Amber.”

“This project would have taken me double maybe even triple the amount of time this took us to organize.”

“I never would have finished Amber. I would have given up.”

Wouldn’t you agree that you get a better workout with your trainer than working out alone? It’s not much different when we organize. There’s a big difference between organizing with a professional versus on your own or with a friend. I know friends can be helpful, and in some situations, they are the perfect fit, but let me shed some light on why hiring a professional organizer is worth every dollar.

  1. We know space.  We can picture the result and know where we are taking you. I’m still amazed that even after years of organizing every time we pull a space apart, it always goes back together so efficiently. Inevitably everything always fits.
  2. We don’t get overwhelmed. Sometimes my clients get halfway into a project or halfway through a space, find themselves overwhelmed and surrounded with stuff, and then give up. That’s pretty common.  Often we are called into the rescue.
  3. We don’t leave you in a mess. We may tear apart your room or space and it may look like a war zone while organizing, but when we leave you at the end of the day, it will be organized. There is no way we would ever leave things a mess.
  4. We aren’t attached to your things or family. We know nothing about your stuff so we look at it objectively and concretely to give you a whole different perspective. It makes getting rid of things a whole lot easier.
  5. We see things you don’t. When we walk through your front door or into your office at work, we see patterns and habits you might not notice. Our fresh look at your space gives you ideas and solutions you’ve never thought of before.
  6. We see the potential. Repurposing items and moving furniture around is one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes if you just switch around what you own and repurpose things, there’s no need to spend extra money. You’re left with a totally different result.
  7. We have resources at our fingertips. Because we do this for a living, we know where items can be donated, how to properly dispose of things, and what resources are available to get you the organizing products you may need.
  8. We don’t judge!  This is a huge bonus. We meet people where they are and understand that people come to us in all different places in life. We just help you move forward to start making a difference.
  9. We love to organize.  We do this day in and day out. We don’t get bored with it and most of us go home and organize our own home in our spare time because we can’t get enough. I know it’s crazy but it’s true. We practice what we preach.
  10. We don’t just fill space and make things fit. There’s a whole lot more to organizing then those two concepts. We strategically organize things to make your life and work easier, more productive, and more efficient. Systems that work are key!
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