Professional Unpacking Services for Moving in Chicago, IL

Moving? We Help Chicago Families Get Settled & Unpack Fast!

Why stress over unpacking? Moving is very overwhelming to many of our clients, so you decide which part of it you’d like us to take care of.

If unpacking a whole home full of boxes seems daunting to you, use our expertise in organizing and space planning to make sure everything gets put away and not only fits but is easy to access and maintain.

We have moved many families to Chicago from states including California, Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, Florida and many more. Once speaking with Amber, she can give you a quote and average daily rate. Call 773-628-7404.

Unpacking Services & Post Moving Services

  • Professional unpacking service
  • Breakdown of moving boxes and packing material
  • Arrange and organize kitchen cabinets and pantry shelves
  • Unpack books onto bookshelves
  • Set up of Toy/play rooms
  • Unwrapping of artwork
  • Make up beds- sheets, pillows, and comforters
  • Put away clothes, shoes, linens in closets and dressers
  • Space design- to maximize your living, closet, and storage space
  • Furniture layout
  • Shopping for organizing products- i.e. drawer organizers, bins, hangers, etc.

  • Home Organizing

    We sort, declutter and organize any part of your home by including you in the process to teach organizing skills, create effective systems and provide home organization solutions.

  • Home Office Organizing

    If you work from home or keep track of your family’s paperwork, you will benefit from our home office organization services. We tackle daily paperwork, mail, memorabilia, and filing systems.

  • Unpacking Services

    Our unpacking services reduce stress during your move. We can streamline the process and get you settled in quickly by unpacking all your boxes.